Szewchuk & Associates

Our Expertise

Cost Reduction

Identifying, strategizing, negotiating and implementing purchase cost reductions for key goods and services.

Vendor Negotiations

Having the ability to know which questions to ask and what places to look in negotiating with vendors at all levels of their organization; realizing that the more you know about a vendor’s cost structure, the stronger your negotiating position.

Continuous Improvement

Recognizing that reducing end use costs is an ongoing process rather than a singular event; incorporating cost reduction targets into supply agreements.

Strategy Development

Categorizing expenditures into the appropriate category (eg. Strategic,Transactional) and developing the appropriate strategic sourcing strategy for each specific category.



Providing ‘benchmarking’ knowledge that can only be obtained through an external resource; this helps level the playing field between vendors and purchasers.

Structure Optimization

Ensuring a proper organizational structure is in place to allow both ‘strategic sourcing’ and ‘transactional purchasing’ activities to function effectively.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

Sharing of ‘best practices’, purchasing techniques and virtual ‘ purchasing toolkit ‘ with incumbent purchasing staff that they will be able to utilize in future.

Creating Leverage

Having the ability to leverage purchases of common categories with other past or current non-competing clients, thus creating additional value for all.