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Our Unfair Advantage

Our Unfair Advantage

There are a number of “unfair” advantages in our cost reduction practice. These are unequaled by anyone in the purchasing profession in Canada.

  • 40+ years of experience in purchasing, largely in the food processing industry.
  • 10 years of experience leading the Purchasing and Logistics functions at Maple Leaf Foods, Canada’s largest food company, as Vice President, Purchasing with my teams responsible for the purchases of approximately 125 manufacturing plants across 12 Business Units in both Canada and the US.
  • Over 50 satisfied consulting clients in the past 15 years, again the majority in the food industry. These clients have saved hundreds of thousands, and in several cases, millions of dollars in their purchases annually.
  • Current and in-depth knowledge of the majority of food industry categories and their supplier base, both for direct and indirect spend categories, on both sides of the border.
  • Ability to ‘leverage’ the common purchased categories of non-competing clients to everyone’s advantage.
  • Guarantee that the savings we identify negotiate and implement will be, at a minimum, double the fees charged.
  • Ability to work independently or in conjunction with existing resources, thus enabling them to benefit from learnings and processes that they can use in future projects.

Szewchuk & Associates Inc. can achieve greater results in a shorter period of time than companies can on their own. Under our typical proposal, we are reimbursed only after savings are generated from improved cash flow, thus making our fees self-funding and resulting in a high ROI.

This is our “unfair” advantage which you can benefit from.